TODAY'S BRIDE is indisputably the longest publishing, most widely recognized wedding magazine in the bay area.

Consider this—since we entered the marketplace, 25 bay area wedding magazines have closed their doors. Several were glam and sexy; some were local city magazines trying to expand their franchise; others were national titles, and five were local bridal show producers trying to make the jump from show promoter to full-fledged publisher. The one thing they all had in common is that they failed to reach, capture and deliver bay area brides to advertisers.

In light of so many defunct bridal publications, the question begs to be asked
How does Today’s Bride remain such a powerful and reliable advertising resource,
when so many others have failed? The answer is simple−distribution and content.

Our mantra since the company was founded in 1993 by publisher Cristine Thomas,
has been, and will continue to be, "Distribution! Distribution! Distribution!"
And when it comes to content, we provide exactly what the bride is looking for
smart, straightforward planning advice and volumes of realistic ideas for today’s real brides.

This coming year the bridal industry will generate over 72 billion in consumer spending
Over 2.3 million weddings will occur with an average cost of $31,200 per wedding
A range of 50-75% of the wedding expenses will be paid for by the to-be-weds

Although the market remains consistent in size, the consumer is changing. They’re older, more sophisticated, more informed and financially independent. They’re prioritizing which elements of the wedding are most important to them and allocating budget accordingly. They’re trimming the guest list and focusing more on the quality of the event than the size.

•  Average age in the bay area: bride 31 / groom 34
•  Average combined income: $128,300
•  16% of couples will spend more than the national average of 31k
•  84% of couples will spend right at or below the national average
•  The bride is still at the center of wedding decisions, but 77% of grooms
    will take an active role in the planning process  

Publishing since 1993, Today’s Bride continually evolves based on results from our bridal focus groups. Every issue boasts additions and changes based on what our audience−today’s brides−divulge about their usage patterns, preferences and priorities.

By focusing on exactly what our audience is asking for, we garner a higher usage rate than traditional wedding magazines, resulting in increased advertiser response.

DISTRIBUTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY. It’s a fact−no matter how beautiful the publication, if it doesn’t make it into the hands of the bride, it cannot deliver a response.  

You’ll find Today’s Bride at more wedding related locations, bridal events and newsstands than any other wedding publication in the market. Our targeted, multi-layered distribution network ensures Today’s Bride is everywhere the bride and groom go, reaching them at
the earliest planning stages possible.

Today’s Bride is available at Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, Target and select grocery markets throughout the Bay Area where it is sold at a cover price of $5.95. 

Today's Bride
also commands a high profile at bridal salons, jewelry stores, venues, bridal shows, client retail and boutique wedding events, where it's distributed at no cost.

33,000 concentrated exclusively in the San Francisco Bay Area

20% newsstand sales
20% wedding faires and boutique bridal events
20% bridal salons and trunk shows
30% jewelers, reception sites, client retail, website orders, etc.

10% industry professionals--venues and service providers

All bridal related distribution locations are systematically monitored and restocked monthly by our distribution manager. Our diverse distribution network and full-time manager, ensure that Today’s Bride is the most aggressively distributed bridal publication in the Bay Area.

WE UNDERSTAND OUR READERS' desire for inspiring ideas, fresh and enlightening perspectives and practical planning tools.

Throughout Today’s Bride magazine and website we create a canvas that tantalizes the
eyes and inspires the soul. With style and romance, we provide the breadth and depth of information and inspiration couples’ need to plan the most spectacular of all soirees−
their wedding.

Today’s Bride features the sophisticated graphic appeal and local resources to attract even the most discriminating, affluent bride. At the same time, we carefully balance our content to accommodate the other 84%: the mid-range, price sensitive brides.

With nearly 75% of the expenses now paid for by the bride and groom, we see a growing trendpriority purchasing. This makes our range-of-appeal more important than ever. No matter what economic level a couple enters the matrimonial market place or how their priorities evolve, Today’s Bride meets the need with quality content and a range of resources.

•  50+ pages of Style + Design tablescapes
•  28+ pages of Real Weddings
•  16+ pages of Fashion Features
•  18 categories of smart and savvy planning advice, tips and tools
•  220+ local sites and services
•  Industry Pulse wedding industry event features


TODAY'S BRIDE LEVERAGES A MULTIFACETED approach to reach, capture and deliver the highly coveted, must-buy consumer−today’s bride.

With distribution concentrated exclusively in the bay area, Today’s Bride garners a market share, usage and impression rate far higher than that of the thousands of sites and blogs vying for the brides' attention. That’s a powerful position for influencing where couples go next.

We know our audience is technically savvy. In addition to print, they want the flexibility and accessibility of internet and mobile interaction. We leverage the large market share generated by our print magazine to direct to-be-weds to our website (desktop, tablet + smart phone) and our digital magazine. By providing multiple options for accessing the same great content, we’re creating familiarity, keeping couples engaged with Today’s Bride.

Today’s Bride print magazine
Today’s Bride digital magazine website + blogs

Industry Event Calendar

Nearly 3,000 copies shipped or delivered to industry professionals
Social networking on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
Weekly bridal and industry e-blasts with special offers, events and invitations

Advertising via multiple targeted media, generates marketing synergy and reinforces credibility. Multiple impressions from a healthy "ad mix" results in increased top-of-mind awareness and a heightened level of brand recognition by your prospective clients.

PRINT CONVEYS A LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM and credibility... something that isn't always evident online where companies can pay
$20-$30 to get their ad on a website.

If you want to build credibility and brand confidence, print is still considered one of the higher quality mediums, simply because of the price. Consumers know print is more expensive than web, therefore assume the advertiser is established and successful.

A study conducted by Dynamic Logic on behalf of the Magazine Publishers of America measured the total increase in purchase intent for a variety of products. Television
accounted for a 30% increase, online tallied 13% in increase, but dramatically---
magazines represented a 56% increase.
In other words, magazines blew the
other two media away in driving positive shifts in intention to buy.

pg.  9 |   91% of Americans read magazines
pg. 15 |  Magazines are #1 in reader engagement
pg. 16 |  People are most influenced and inspired by magazine media
pg. 17 |  59% of readers took action or plan to take action due to exposure to print ads
pg. 26 |  Print is #1 in triggering QR code response  pg. 26
pg. 87 |  Number of print magazine in US grew from 6,243 in 2003 to 7,390 in 2013
pg. 94 |  The top 50 print marketers in the US spend $7,563,839,371 annually

Print works!
Click to view video.
Print Media Rebounds FOR THE WIN!  Click to read article

WE DRIVE TRAFFIC FROM PRINT-TO-SITE with extended styled shoots, real weddings, articles, ads and references.

There are literally thousands of wedding related websites competing for a bride's attention. So, how do we rise above all the beautiful clutter to capture the attention of our target demographic, bay area brides? Easy, we advertise the website in the most popular, most widely distributed wedding magazine in the bay area
‒‒TODAY'S BRIDE SF!  More brides will use our magazine to plan their wedding than any other resource in the marketplace. So we run multiple full-page print ads; reference the site frequently in editorial; include it in the footer and print it on the spine of the magazine. In addition to link-backs from clients, other sites and blog feature contributors, over 4,000 brides receive our weekly eblast featuring upcoming bridal events and a link to the online event calendar.

SEO is important‒‒we love it when we come-up at the top of a search‒‒so our site is built for fluid SEO modifications and growth. That said, our ultimate goal and primary focus is to engage our print brides with our website. By extending styled shoots, real weddings and articles, we motivate brides to go to the website to "see more."  Once there, they experience the same gorgeous, image rich aesthetic and terminology as the magazine, creating continuity and familiarity, which results in repeat visits.

We're in the midst of a fabulous website makeover. Watch for the new site in November 2017.

AS A MAGAZINE WE USE A VALUABLE RESOURCE−trees, to deliver your message to 33,000+ brides and industry professionals every year.

As an environmentally responsible company, we’ve made a commitment to green standards for both the creation and disposal of our product.

•  We print the exact number of books needed to saturate the bay area
•  We limit pages by running extended content on our websites and blog
•  We use printers and paper companies who are FSC and SFI certified
•  All inks used are vegetable-based
•  All paper used is Elemental Chlorine Free
•  All paper, inks, coating and bindery glue are 100% recyclable
•  Paper is purchased from manufactures who plant four trees for each one cut
•  Our paper manufactures are all located in the US (reduces travel distance)
•  Our office is paper-free

• Today’s Bride is 100% recyclable