We receive many submissions weekly. Those that meet the criteria below, rise to the top of the review process. Those that don't, may not be reviewed. So please take a moment to view the info provided below.

  • 150 to 250 images.
  • Image size:  min 2400 pixels wide for blog posts / 300 dpi for print
  • The submission can be made by the designer, but we prefer the images come directly from the photographer.
  • Provide images via Dropbox and share with
  • No HighTail or WeTransfer links. We need to be able to view images before downloading.
  • Vendor credits for all participants:  service provided, company name, contact, website, email and instagram.
  • A working title for the shoot.
  • A descriptive story of 250 to 600 words.
  • Submit everything at one time, including credits, via the online submission form.


  • Gallery Links. Due to the volume of submissions, we just don't have time to go through thousands of images to see if a submission is viable. Gallery submissions go to the end of the review stack.
  • Low resolution images. Again, due to the volume of submissions, we are looking for those that take the time to meet the criteria provided on this page. Vertical images showing the 'full design concept' need to be large (9-10" wide + 11-12" high / 300 dpi). We'll select one of the vertical, full design concept images as the anchor page for the feature. Detail images must be at least 2400 pixels wide. 

We're often asked by designers and photographers what they need to do to increase their chance of being selected. Here are a few tips to help your submission rise to the top.

  • We're craving unique, original and unexpected design concepts.
  • Choose great images! Close-up, pulled back, different angles, details, etc.
  • We feature a vertical full-page image of the overall design. Be sure to capture many vertical options.
  • Avoid droopy and tired looking flowers and greenery.
  • Get table shots with and without chairs.
  • Pay attention to the background when shooting tables and florals. A busy background can kill a great shot.
  • Pay attention to detail: wrinkled/crooked linens and incorrect place setting arrangements decrease the shoots viability.
  • Submit clean, color images. No watermarks, frames or borders.
  • Please be kind. We receive many submissions and depending on our print schedule, there are times when the review process slows due to commitments to our advertisers, which delays our response time.
  • At the risk of being redundant, submit everything at one time.

There are many-many styled shoots occurring each year, but a limited number of rental companies by comparison. One of the primary benefits of providing product, delivery and pick-up, is the ability to use the images in their portfolios. However, when multiple rental companies that offer similar product lines are used in the same shoot, it eliminates their ability to do so. Please be considerate. If possible, limit your rental company contributors to a linen company, a rental company for furniture/tabletop, and possibly a company for specialty rentals/props. In addition, order only the items you know will be used. Thank you in advance for ensuring our rental companies get value and return on their contribution.

Blog submissions are accepted all year long! As you may have noticed, we recently relaunched our website, so the blog challenges we were having with the previous site are a thing of the past!  We're anxious to feature all kinds of fabulousness!

While we'd love to print all the gorgeous submissions we receive, it's simply not possible. Please be very selective in what you submit for print consideration. We're looking to show brides fresh ideas and trends, not repeat what we

  • We print once a year. Although we wrap with 4 seasonal covers, the content insides is the same.
  • Open Call print deadline is September 5, 2019.
  • It takes at least 3 to 4 weeks for our style + design team to review all the submissions and make final selections.
  • If you have a concept you'd like to present for confirmed placement, contact our editor, Cristine Thomas via email or at 650.823.4946. An inspiration or Pinterest board describing your concept will be helpful.

As a rule, we prefer to feature styled shoots that haven't been posted elsewhere. However, since even the most popular wedding blogs have limited bay area viewing, we keep an open mind. If your styled shoot has been featured on another blog, it may still be eligible for print. Be sure to list the blogs/sites the shoot has been posted on, under the 'Submission Status' section of the submission form. Cristine will review and make the call on whether it's been over or under exposed in our local market.

If your styled shoot was featured in another magazine with distribution in Northern California, it is not eligible for print consideration, but is still available for blog consideration.

We love videos! Please limit to 3-5 minute trailers. Any music used, must be licensed.

Click here to complete the online styled shoot submission form.

Please complete the online form for each submission. Only one styled shoot per online form.