Katie and Ryan tied-the-knot on a gorgeous Saturday in July, at Kunde Family Winery's Boot Hill venue, surrounded by rolling hills, lush vineyards, large oak trees and blissful blue skies.

They met in college at the University of Washington. Although they lived across the street from each other in Sorority and Fraternity houses, but it took two years for fate to navigate them together at a friend's birthday party, over Jenga, no less.

With Ryan planning to work for Teach for America, which could land him anywhere in the country, and Katie enrolled for study abroad in Barcelona, it wasn't exactly an ideal time to begin a new relationship. Fast forward to the end of spring--Ryan took a different job and stayed in Seattle; Katie flew to Spain, late that summer; and a long distant relationship ensued. Fortunately for these two, the thousands of miles between them only helped to strengthen their relationship.

On a weekend getaway to Victoria, BC for Katie's birthday, Ryan planned a day of activities, including the Bouchard Gardens. Unfortunately, he didn't realize it would be absolutely packed with tourists, making a romantic proposal all but impossible. However, as luck (fate) would have it, they stumbled across a private little spot in the Japanese garden where Ryan didn't miss a beat. He seized the opportunity--got down on one knee and popped the question.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest inspirations was their personality as a couple. They opted for a light color palette of dusty blue, light gray, and white, incorporating natural botanical elements into their theme.

How Katie and Ryan described their wedding, "Our wedding was special not because of one grandiose gesture or outlandish theme, but because it perfectly encapsulated us. We appreciate the unique and exceptional, but value tradition. Our wedding was everything we dreamed of--surrounded by family and best friends, drinking fine wines and dancing under the moonlight. It was hands down the best day of our lives. Like our story, our wedding was special because it was uniquely ours."

Katie and Ryan wrote love letters to each other and read them during the ceremony

There were no breaks on the dance floor! Everyone grooved all night long. One of the highlights was when DJ Skip played Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" (in July). The crowd went wild.

The father daughter dance that started with Celine Dion's "Because You Love Me" and faded into Van Morrison's "Return of The Mack', a Myers family classic party song. When Katie and Tom let loose, Ryan and the entire wedding party came running onto the dance floor.

With guests traveling from out of town, Katie and Ryan made sure to greet each guest with a welcome basket full of Kunde wine, wine glasses, snacks, hangover kits, and personalized bottle openers - a sweet DIY gesture that everyone loved.

FIRST DANCE  "Day 1" by Honne
COLOR PALETTE  Dusty Blue, Light Gray and White